Thursday, November 29, 2012


     The week before and the week of thanksgiving were quite eventful for us! First Sophia got moved over to a big girl bed. She loved it! Here she is in the adorable quilt my mother made her that I have been saving since her first birthday.  

     She did really well. The first 3 nights she got out of bed 3ish times and I would immediately go put her back in bed. The 4th night she either fell out of bed or woke up scared in the middle of the night and we had to put her back in bed 3x again. Since then she has never gotten out of bed since. It has been wonderful. Naps have still been happening too. When she wakes up if I don't get her right away she just reads her books or plays with her toys. Sometimes I might leave her in there a while if she is happily playing, oops. 

Sophia's hair is finally long enough with curls to wear in a ponytail! it only took two years! I love how perfectly imperfect it is, and how the curls hang out.

      The Sunday before thanksgiving we had a sibling thanksgiving at Hanna and Eric's place. Even Nathan and Seth came up for it. It was really fun and I am glad we did it since we were all in different place for thanksgiving. It was a fun night and the girls decided to top it off with a lovely mess. 

      While we were in the kitchen visiting after dinner we realized the it was a little to quite. The girls tend to scream when they play together and there was none of that going on. We went looking for them and this is what we found!

     The girls had played in the Toilet and toilet paper. Made a lovely mess and soaked each other in it. The funny part is that the door was closed and the toilet bowl closed, which Mia can't get into. Sophia has never played in the toilet bowl before ever. So Mia and Sophia somehow communicated to each other and got Sophia to open the door to the bathroom and open the toilet and play in it. Ha ha those stinkers. They were immediately put in the tub. We are in for it when these girls are 4 or 5 and can talk and conspire with each other ha ha.   

     So after that on Tuesday afternoon we headed to Ely for thanksgiving. It was just us and Seth out there for the week. We got in just in time to make it to Seth's basketball game. It went into overtime and he scored the winning basket! It was really fun to see him play. Wed. Tyler drove out to Logandale and St. George to pick up Gandpa Bohn and Aunt Millie. 

     Thursday, our Thanksgiving day was lovely. We ate to much, had 9 pies for 10 adults, and had lots of good company and relaxation.  

     Friday Aunt Millie and Saundra and I went black Friday shopping in Ely! Ha ha it was actually really fun and we found some really good deals. 

     Saturday we went to chop down some trees. Sophia was so excited, so was Aunt Millie! Grandpa Robertson gave us the perfect location of some great trees and we all headed out. 

                                    Even baby Joel was super excited! How cute is that face!!

Then he got a little confused by the bumpy ride ha ha.

Sophia was ready with her awesome sungalsses from grandma and grandpa

Sophia was so intrigued by the whole thing. She even attempted to saw it down but we didn't get a picture of it.

The gang with our loot! Two trees in 45 minutes pretty good timing! 

Sophia brought home a stick and was so proud of it.

Joel was pooped after tree cutting!

     Saturday night we finished the weekend with some hair cuts and a movie. Then Sunday we headed home. Sophia got this princess crown on our shopping trip and she loved it. ha ha I had to take this pic of us going home.

On the way home our mileage hit 123456 and Tyler made me take a pic of it! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We sure did and I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in our lives and family we have!



Hanna Caldwell said...

Who was the second tree for? Did you guys cave and do a real tree ;) Sounds like it was a fun thanksgiving. I love Joel smiley faces too!

Annelise said...

The second tree was for Nathan. No no I will stick with my fake tree! Ha ha I enjoy going out with everyone to get their tree but I am to lazy to deal with a real tree on my own!! ha ha

adamandrebeccacoughran said...

i cant get over how cute your kids are! i love love love her curls! and sophias in a big girls bed.. crazy how fast time flies.