Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Recap

     So sorry this is so late but here is my pinterest challenge recap. I did finish these on time but I have been suckin at the blogging lately. So without further ado here it is.

Week 4:  was some graphic art for Joel's room. I decided to go with some bike themes in Joel's room. here is what I came up with. I plan on making some smaller prints and hanging them up to I just didn't have time. 

Week 5: Naan Bread. This recipe turned out so delicious! My hubby loved it so much he want's me to make it for everything ha ha. We have since been to our favorite Indian restaurant and I was surprised how very close it did taste to actual Naan. Try it, you will love it. As far as bread goes it was  quite easy to make! Recipe here

Week 6: dresser redo. This turned out so cute! Here is the inspiration photo and the original dresser. 

Here is the finished dresser.

This is for Joel's room and I am going to go back and put some bikes on the sides where the inspiration photo has number's but I am thinking one big bike up the side over all three drawers? We will see if I get it done this summer before we move.


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Hanna Caldwell said...

I love the bike wall art! So cute! And I love the idea for the dresser. Thanks for doing the pinterest challenge with me!