Tuesday, June 18, 2013


     So I have spent my fair share of hours in hospitals lately. First Joel's surgery, then complications, then post ops, then Sophia decided to take a trip to the ER. We have had an eventful month. Let's do a quick recap.

     The second week of May Joel had his Hypospadius corrective surgery. He wasn't allowed to eat from midnight on and if you know this chunky boy that was probably the hardest part for him ha ha. I was prepared for the worst that morning but he was a gem. He made a new best friend with this 14 yr. old boy who was there for like his 5th surgery. 

     Before his surgery ready for the nurses to come take him away! That was the hardest part, handing him to the nurses, he was wide awake and just looked at me like hey where are you going? He had no idea what was coming.

     The surgery took about 2 hours. I tried to read a book but it didn't happen, there was no focusing when my kid is in surgery! After he was done the doctor came out and told me everything went smooth an when he woke up I could go back to recovery. They said it could take 15-20 minutes to wake up it took like 5 minutes and they called me back. When he saw me he immediately tried to sit up and was still to graugy and tipped over ha ha, it was pretty funny. 

   Look at those sad little druggy eyes! He was such a sweetie after he woke up he just wanted to be held and sat there watching everything. He melted every nurses heart he saw! They all wanted to take him home. 

     He healed pretty well but had some complications about a week after his surgery that have evolved into the need for another surgery. So he will go back under the knife the first week of August about three days before we move. Tyler's mom tells me we can never just move we always have some other crazy thing going on at the same time. I am starting to believe her ha ha. 

     I think Sophia was feeling left out, because about a week ago she decided to take me on my first trip to the ER. We were in a hardware store and there was a piece of glass stuck between the front and the bottom of the grocery cart, I put Sophia in the back of the cart and she stretched her legs out and the glass took a big chunk of skin out of her heal. Blood was everywhere. We ended up in the ER and spent three hours there. She needed stitches but because of where it was on her heal they couldn't give her any because there was no skin to stitch. So they bandaged her up and sent us home.

     It took about a week to stop bleeding and finally scab over but it did. She didn't let it slow her down much but she did whine about it any time someone tried to touch her foot.

     They ER spoiled miss Sophia while we were there, I think she even left loving the hospital ha ha. They gave her a full size Jesse doll and a blanket, let her watch cartoons and eat oreos and chocolate milk! They even gave Joel a blanket and a monkey and he wasn't even hurt ha ha. 

    We have had an eventful month With these two, hopefully the next month doesn't involve anymore trips to the hospital! 



Kendra said...

Oh boy! Talk about stressful! And doing all by yourself. Ugh! Joel's pictures are adorable. It totally sucks he has to go back in. Hopefully it will go smoothly. And Sophia's heel sounds like Owen's finger. They didn't have any skin to stitch together since he just cut a chunk off. Luckily, I got his to mostly stop bleeding by the time we got to the instacare. I can't believe Sophia's bled for a week! Sheesh! I hope this month is very calm and uneventful for you guys!

Kelli said...

I can't believe she is three and it's your first time to the er! I probably make it there at least twice a year. But I could never handle surgery! I almost bawled when Felix got an iv!

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Wow! I am glad Sophia is recovering. Good luck with the upcoming surgery. I hope you don't run into any more complications.