Saturday, December 10, 2011

Family Pictures

     SO finally after three failed tries we got our family pictures done! It was freezing cold, and we got kicked out of our spot by the cops, but we got some done and they turned out great. Thanks so much Hanna for putting up with the cold weather and spending your Sunday afternoon with us! 

     Sophia did really well, she was in a great mood and she just wanted to run around rather than sit still and take pics, but we did get a few of  her smiling.

     Tyler made the Merry Christmas sign! What do you think? I was pretty proud of him. I gave him a little direction but he pretty much did it all. I told my husband he would be super crafty before he knew it, he wasn't so sure about that. ha ha Anyway maybe I'll do Christmas cards now so everyone can see how crafty Tyler has become. 

     Oh also if any of you are interested in some great pics done by Hanna Here is a link to her blog. Her prices are so good and she does a great job! Thanks again Hanna! 


Megs said...

So you guys!

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Love the pictures! Tyler did a great job on the sign. He should make your Christmas cards! Thanks for sharing!

Annelise said...

Thanks ladies!