Monday, December 5, 2011

Quiet Book part 2

     So as promised here are the rest of my Quiet book pages! I wish I had a better camera because these are so much better in person. 


     Isn't this purse cute! Sophia loves my keys and want's to play with my credit card anytime I pull it out so I figured this was a great idea. I used some old gift cards and keys that she could play with. 

     I think this is my favorite page! How cute is it! All the buttons correlate with the color of the felt flower. So she matches colors and leans to button at the same time.

     This is one of the pages that is much cuter in person. She can put her little hand in the mitten. It's cute cause she loves to try putting on her own socks and gloves, I think she will have a lot of fun with this page.

     This one is a picnic basket and she is supposed to unpack it and set a place setting. 

      This one is so cute too! It's a counting one and she counts the cupcakes as you bake them in the oven.

     These next pics you guys already saw but I just wanted to show you how cute they are now that I added the eyes to all the animals. 


     This one I added little button flowers in the grass. I felt like the little details made a huge difference. I tend to curse myself for being so nit picky but in this case I love that I was! It made all the difference! Now I just need to bind the pages and make a cover for it. 

       Sophia has been trying to play with it the last few days. She knows it is for her, I think she is getting impatient ha ha. I can't wait to finally give it to her. Making Christmas presents has been really fun, time consuming, but fun. I feel like my gifts are so much better and I am so much more excited to give them to people! I have some more done but I can't show you yet because they are for certain people who read my blog. 

     On a side note I finally got family pics done after three failed tries! I can't wait to see them and I'll post them as soon as I get them! 



Kendra said...

I'm in love.

Annelise said...

Thanks! I made patterns of all of them if you want to borrow them.