Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Six months!

     This baby is six months old! I can't believe it. Every time I tell someone my heart sinks a little. He is growing to fast! I feel like yesterday I brought him home. Now he is halfway to a year. We absolutely adore this kid! He is seriously the happiest, chillest baby ever! Unless he is hungry. You do not withhold that bottle from him ha ha.  

      This last month was a big month for him. He broke in two teeth on the bottom, he holds his own bottle now, he is a rollie pollie. He is seriously all over the floor it is so funny. Sophia was never like that. He likes to scream, something I think he picked up from his sister. He has started eating solid foods. I don't think he likes the texture of baby foods but he will eat them. He makes the funniest faces while you feed him. He loves just mashed up food better. At his last check up he weighed 19LBS!! This kid is a fat one! We love it. He has some serious thunder thighs that are so great to squeeze. He is super ticklish and his giggle is to cute. He smiles at just about anyone but has a particular fondness to Sophia, mommy, daddy and papa. He is just great!  

Trying out his cute new shoes, they were kind of a flop. They do not stay on his feet.

He loves to suck his bottom lip and make a smacking kind of noise.

I love this face! 

Love those fat thighs and that he always holds his legs up in the air like this. 

Sophia decided Joel needed to dress up with her. My kids got some serious style ha ha.

Wearing an old retro sweatshirt from when uncle Seth was a baby! How cute is it even 14 yrs. later!

In his very first church outfit! Finally found one with a tie and vest! SO handsome! 



Collin and Sara said...

He is such a cutie! I love his little church outfit...I miss being able to see you guys as often as I use to!

Hanna Caldwell said...

Look at that stud in his retro jacket and church outfit. Love it!! He's growing up so fast!