Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So stylish

     Sophia and I went on another little date with Aunt Tiff. We went and shopped at the new traverse mountain outlets. It was really fun. When we went into Children's Place they had these little hats sitting out and Sophia had to have one. She has been asking me for a hat for a while. Then she saw the sunglasses and picked out these pink aviators. Then she saw the little purses which are actually glass cases and had two of them in tow walking around the store with us ha h ha ha. Aunt Tiff was going to get her the glasses and purse so I had to get her the hat to go with. Then she proceeded to tell me "I am so stylish!" haha.

     My sister in law Hanna is doing a 6 week pinterest challenge on her blog here. When I read it I thought what a good idea! I should do that. Then as I looked through my pictures and what I pinned for recipes I thought maybe I need an intervention ha ha. I may do a few to many projects. 

     A good example would be these next pictures. I pinned a pin a while back of a little girl in a maxi skirt and I have been wanting to make Sophia one. Then I found some adorable grey and yellow striped knit material I had to have. I knew instantly I wanted to make Sophia a skirt out of it and me a scarf out of it.(another pinterest pin idea) So I came home and immediately got to work on it.  

These are the best two pics I could get. Her poses are more moving poses than holding still poses ha ha.

Don't mind my awkward lean here, I was trying not to get hit in the head by her ballerina pose. I love how they both turned out! Now we have matching clothes ha ha.



Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

So cute! I love the matching "clothes"! I love that she likes to go shopping with you. Shanna loves shopping too--it's so fun!

Hanna Caldwell said...

Super cute skirt and scarf! Where did you get the fabric? And you totally should do the pinterest challenge (Even though you are probably doing a lot of crafts from there already lol)It's always fun to see an inspiration photo and then the final product.

Tyler said...
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Annelise said...

I got the fabric at the fabric mill. How I love that store! I wish I could afford it on a daily basis! ha ha