Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

      So as previously stated my sis in law Hanna is doing a pinterest challenge on her blog Here. Basically you pick six projects from your boards that you want to do then you do one a week for six weeks. Like I said before I do way to many projects already so I wasn't going to do it. Then she told me she would make my little collage for me and so I said yes ha ha. I know she twisted my arm right ha ha. Anyway I am excited here is my line up!

1. Spaghetti squash. I have been trying a lot of new healthy recipes lately and they have been turning out delicious! I have been wanting to try this and I don't know why but spaghetti squash worries me to try. Now I have no excuse. Here's to hoping it's delicious!
2. Scarf. I do not knit or crochet but I am obsessed with infinite scarves as of late. I found a tutorial online that is supposed to be super easy and needle free. Apparently we use a box. It looks cute I can't wait to make mine.

3. Graphic art. I recently made a word collage for Tyler's graduation announcement and it turned out so good! So I decided to test my hand at some cute graphic art to hang in Joel's room.

4. Recover shoes. This one intimidates me but I have such a cute idea for it. I can't wait finally try this. I just need to go find the right material. I am fully prepared for this one being an epic fail, let's hope not though. I would love a new pair of shoes.

 5. Naan. Tyler and I love love Indian food! There are 2 places here in Provo that are so delicious. We would go all the time if we had the money ha ha. SO I want to learn to make this delicious Indian bread recipe called Naan and maybe a curry recipe while I am at it?

6. Dresser redo. Joel and Sophia have these Ikea dresser's I got for cheap when they both were born. I have been wanting to pep them up for awhile and was planning on it soon. SO this gives me six weeks to get them done and looking awesome for their rooms! I hoping to do both. We shall see.

     Alright folks that's my line up. I am excited and a little intimidated by it but mostly excited! Tyler just laughed when I told him my plan. He is so good at putting up with my craftiness. You guys should join the party! I would love to see all your projects you have in mind! A project a week, totally doable!


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Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

Fun! I am excited to see the results!